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Tutorial Tuesday

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Fonts on Your System and in Creative Cloud

More from the conversation with Jeff about installing fonts and getting them to work in the Creative Cloud suite, and on your whole system.

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Archived Posts

Digital “Matting” Your Work in Photoshop

Becca graciously gave me permission to share her 1-on-1 bonus session from Make It Real because we had a conversation about placing art on products when you don't want to lose too much in the bleeds. You have a few options, and we also expanded our thinking about it...

Learning the Pen Tool in Photoshop

Last week during the hotseat with Jeff I learned that the Photoshop pen tool functions like the one in Illustrator but is used for very different purposes. I follow up on drawing an arrow using the Pen Tool, duplicating the shape to use it multiple times, and finding...

Preparing an Illustration for Print

Today's video is Jeff's hotseat call for November for being a $14 sponsor of Tutorial Tuesday. We troubleshoot some issues xe ran into while labeling an outfit design on the croquis, discuss when to switch over from Photoshop to Illustrator and then to InDesign, and...