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Data Merge! Adding a Lot of Text Uniformly to an InDesign project

How to quickly do repetitive layouts using some power tools in InDesign

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How to Choose From An Overwhelming Number of Options

The short version is: Get the minimum thing you need right now. You can always upgrade later.Support Tutorial Tuesday! I want to keep these tutorials accessible to everyone, but your contribution will make a big difference! Pay what you want per month; If you support...

The New Process for Removing Backgrounds

Photoshop has updated some things and it was high time I learned the new workflow for removing a background from an image. Follow along with me as I prepare a tiny tiger for print.Support Tutorial Tuesday! I want to keep these tutorials accessible to everyone, but...

Troubleshooting a Scanner and Connecting to Photoshop

Jeff's sponsored tutorial today is all about scanners! We went into this assuming we were to going to go over what to look for when buying a new scanner, but quickly realized that xe has the tools xe already needs! So we went throught the process of connecting to hir...