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Fine-Tuning Your Photo Editing Skills

A conversation that started with how to get the eraser tool to work, and ended with using the other tools of Photoshop to get the result you want with your artwork.

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Archived Posts

Big Conceptual Thoughts on UX and Interface Design

Today's video is definitely a little high-concept, but worth watching if you find yourself getting lost in big interfaces. The big takeaway is that you should be thinking of your computer monitor as a windshield, not a picture frame.  Plus I make the ludicrous...

Type on a Path in Adobe Illustrator

I use Adobe Illustrator to handle all text treatments because it allows me to words or individual letters with a tremendous amount of precision and control. Here's an introduction to the Type on a Path Tool, and how to use it to recreate a logo that might look a...

What to Do If The Toolbars Are Too Small

I just found this feature when I opened InDesign today— you can now adjust the size of the interface so your toolbars and palettes are larger. This is incredibly helpful if you have a big screen and need to record demos, or just need the icons a little larger so you...