Get Your Site Up.

Get your thing sold, already!

Don’t Get Distracted

Your product or service is ready to go. You just need to hang your shingle, so to speak. Get your website up and running, but there’s SO MUCH to do! There are a ton of options, and the thought of doing all that research just makes you tired. 


You do not have time for this.

You know how valuable your hours are, and it makes more sense to pay an expert to get you up with something quick, simple, and no-nonsense. You don’t need all the bells and whistles- just one bell, and one whistle, to get your core product into the hands of the people who need it.


You Will Grow.

You’re going to expand your offering eventually, and you want to make an investment that will scale when you’re ready to scale. But for now, you just need three things:

  1. A Landing Page, with your initial product offering
  2. A mailing list, and a way for people to sign up to it.
  3. An About page, to develop your know/like/trust, and a place to hang all your social proof and accolades

You’re actually looking at an example of the kind of site I’m talking about. This page functions as a landing page for my own MVP— the thing I can offer that provides the most value and can be executed quickly. I’m looking for you if you know you can wait on everything that isn’t getting your MVP into the hands of the people who need you the most, so you can kickstart your positive cash flow right away.

We can talk about the rest of it later— branding and identity, expanding your site if you want a place for your blog or video content, video end cards, all that good stuff. This is the nice thing about hiring a unicorn right out the gate.


Get what you need, and then some

Book a conversation with me and we’ll hash out exactly what you need to get ready to make your offer and take your clients’ and customers’ payment.

We’ll make sure you have a solid landing page for your offer, a mailing list with an integration on your site, and your About Page.

I can set you up on a blazing fast server, and get your custom domain email set up (you’ll need this for just about every mailing list platform to stay legit).

You’ll be protected with daily backups and top-notch security, and I’ll stay on to monitor and troubleshoot at a discounted hourly rate.



Still on the fence?

Book a free consultation and let’s talk about whether I can help you out.

Okay, now for a little pressure:

This is the first time I’m making this offer, and as such, I’m making it as low as I possibly can offer it, but it won’t be this low forever. I expect, after the first six or so bookings the price will double. So don’t wait.