Rise of the POD People!

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Get started selling your art, wit, and wisdom on products without having to keep inventory.

  • Learn how to pick and source your products
  • Get your stuff set up on the best marketplaces to give your stuff the best chance of selling
  • (this totally includes Amazon! Yes, really, without having to keep inventory on hand!)
  • Get your stuff set up on your own platform, so you can maximize your profits and cultivate your audience of enthusiastic fans
  • Learn SEO basics- simply getting search results to show people your stuff. (It’s easier than you think)
  • …and MORE! (see below)

This is an invite-only beta while I’m developing the formal course. You guys get a deep discount and will get free updates, direct feedback and walkthroughs from me, plus access to a private group for LIFE! That “and MORE” up there is to leave room for tailoring the course to your actual questions.


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