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Happy 2020, everybody!

This year I’m going to do a little experiment with a brand-new shop in a niche I’m interested in, and document my experiences here.

The game is to try and do at least 15 minutes of work on it a day, and see how far that gets me. I’m going to use the techniques I recommend and we’ll just see how far I get spending a minimum amount of money up front. I’m being completely transparent here— not every endeavor works out, even if you do everything “right,” sometimes there are factors you have no control over and things just don’t hit. This particular niche is having a moment right now, which means two things:

  1. The odds are good that there’s a buying audience
  2. I will have a lot of competition

So there are plusses and minuses to choosing something popular in that I could be buried in a sea of popular stuff. The trick will be to find my footing within the space in a unique way (this is a long way of describing a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP). I haven’t started working on a product line in earnest, but this shop is based on some ideas that I have been doodling, so I have a rough idea of where I’m going.

So I have a niche and I’ve spent about $10 on a domain so far. I already have hosting, so I’m not spending anything there. I could just start on a marketplace and not worry about the time and expense of my own website, but I’m a big believer in controlling your own platform, because a policy change on somebody else’s platform can bury you. Plus, I need to test out my shop template package to make sure it works well before I can start offering it to you guys 😉